Playlist incomplete, over 100 songs gone

Playlist incomplete, over 100 songs gone



three days ago I lost about 100 songs from a playlist with no apparent reason. 

I created it 2012 and lost all tracks from Mid 2013 to the middle of December 2015.

There are still 74 songs left.


Is there any chance of getting them back? Its really frustrating as this has been the playlist with my favorites.

I tried to look for them on the website on the deleted playlist category but had no luck with that

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Hi Metamo,


The restore option is only for playlists and not tracks.  Which playlist are you having this problem with?  I may be able to revert the playlist via our admin system.



thank you for the fast reply! Its called 'Neue Playlist'

So is there anything that can be done?

I really miss those songs!

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