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Playlist made collaboratived and published?

Playlist made collaboratived and published?

I and a friend have a playlist called "dagens track" (The track of the day), where we each put a track in everyday. We have some friends who would like to subsribe us, but i can't make it published as long as it is collaborative with my friend. Anybody who knows how to fix this? Please help.

3 Replies

Hi Matisuhd - While collaborative playlists can't be made public, your friends can certainly still subscribe to them. 


Just right click on the playlist title "dagens track" and select 'Share'. From there you can send that track to your friends on Spotify. 


Another option is right click > 'Copy HTTP link'. You can then send your friends the playlist link via email. 

Won't that let the subscribers able to change the list?

Yes, technically anyone can edit a 'Collaborative' list. 


Another option is creating a second playlist that you personally update as the original one gets more tracks. Share that non-collorative playlist with your other friends so they can enjoy the tunes. 

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