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Playlist's are gone

Playlist's are gone

Hello, since I logged in into my Spotify, all my Playlists which were not in a seperate folder are gone!!

How can I restore them?

8 Replies

First of all thanks for your help. Unfortunately it's not working. As far as I think I did not delete any playlist. They just vanished. Playlists which are grouped into a folder are still there, - the rest is simply gone! 

My Spotify is not connected to a Facebook account and I'm using Spotify on Linux ...

Are the playlists you lost available for you in the web player? Is this your public profile?

They're gone in the web player and the Linux client. No that is not my spotify profile.

Do you use Facebook at all? I'm asking because it is possible that you unintentionally linked your Spotify account to your Facebook account and a duplicated account was created. Anyways, the fact that all the grouped playlists are still there sounds strange to me.

Hi there, I've had a look at your account and can see that a number of playlist were deleted at the end of August. I've readded these to your account, do things look like they're supposed to now?


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Thanks you very much! They are all back - I highly appreciate your help!

Jamie, my starred playlist is gone. I tried everything on this forums but they don't seem to work ๐Ÿ˜• any help please?

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