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I have a bit of an annoying problem with my playlists. I have a few larger ones (3-400+ songs), where the recommendations became useless.

As an example: I have a playlist, where I've collected hundreds of lighter songs that I like, some from entirely different genres and styles. Amongst the 470+ songs, there are about 7 songs in my native language.

Every single recommended song, regardless of what genre it is, is now in that language. Clicking refresh does nothing, it cycles through the same 50-60ish songs (all of which I hate).

The playlist mostly consists of alternative rock and pop-rock songs, and I keep getting badly remixed folk songs with rap recommended.

The same happened with an electronica playlist, apparently one of the songs is used in memes and now ~7 of the 10 recommended songs are "Spooky scary skeletons" and similar songs.


I've seen "re-create the playlist" as a possible solution, which I don't want to do, as some of the playlists have high(er) numbers of followers.

(Since posting I've tried it. No difference, same recommendations.)








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Having the same issue.

Have a playlist of about 80 songs.

the recommendations I get are nowhere near the genres that are in my playlist, it becomes really annoying.

It's disappointing to check this community only to find that there are no solutions except rebuilding the playlist. As a bilingual user, this bug/design is really frustrating. E.g. Adding just 2-3 Chinese rock songs into a rock/metal playlist with over 100 English songs causes all the recommendations to change to Chinese ballads and pop tunes.  


I think Spotify should really fix the playlist recommendation algorithm- the language parameter is clearly 'overpowering' other more important parameters like genre, tempo, cadence etc.

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