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Playlist song recommendations

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I have a bit of an annoying problem with my playlists. I have a few larger ones (3-400+ songs), where the recommendations became useless.

As an example: I have a playlist, where I've collected hundreds of lighter songs that I like, some from entirely different genres and styles. Amongst the 470+ songs, there are about 7 songs in my native language.

Every single recommended song, regardless of what genre it is, is now in that language. Clicking refresh does nothing, it cycles through the same 50-60ish songs (all of which I hate).

The playlist mostly consists of alternative rock and pop-rock songs, and I keep getting badly remixed folk songs with rap recommended.

The same happened with an electronica playlist, apparently one of the songs is used in memes and now ~7 of the 10 recommended songs are "Spooky scary skeletons" and similar songs.


I've seen "re-create the playlist" as a possible solution, which I don't want to do, as some of the playlists have high(er) numbers of followers.

(Since posting I've tried it. No difference, same recommendations.)








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It's disappointing to check this community only to find that there are no solutions except rebuilding the playlist. As a bilingual user, this bug/design is really frustrating. E.g. Adding just 2-3 Chinese rock songs into a rock/metal playlist with over 100 English songs causes all the recommendations to change to Chinese ballads and pop tunes.  


I think Spotify should really fix the playlist recommendation algorithm- the language parameter is clearly 'overpowering' other more important parameters like genre, tempo, cadence etc.

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Having the same issue.

Have a playlist of about 80 songs.

the recommendations I get are nowhere near the genres that are in my playlist, it becomes really annoying.