Playlist with 4000+ tracks on Mac only 300+ showing on IOS

Playlist with 4000+ tracks on Mac only 300+ showing on IOS

Hi, I decided to create a new playlist on the desktop version and add all the tracks from all my other playlist into one so that I can shuffle through all my music on my iPhone. The playlist shows on my iPhone but only contains 300 odd. I tried creating another list call test and added all the tracks into that and zero show on my iPhone, same problem on my iPad too.


What's going on???





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Hey Jamie 🙂

Can you try copying the tracks from a playlist that is not working, into a new playlist on your computer, copying a maximum of 331 tracks at a time? There appears to be an issue with playlist synching on the desktop client with the Spotify servers when you go over that limit. It has been reported as an issue internally by Spotify by myself and a few members of the community team. 

I would suggest you try copying them over in batches of 100 and see how that goes! Its a pain, so hopefully it can be fixed soon!


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Okay, I'll give it a go later, not at home at the moment, that could explain the problem as I did add them in large batches.

j4m1eb - Peter's right here. We're looking into this issue.

In the meantime, please try creating a playlist in smaller batches, like Peter suggests. It should work.


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I've now tried this and it's still not working. The first hundred show and the maybe only 60 of the second lot. How long am I supposed to wait between adding each group?? To be honest this is a PITA

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