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Playlists are gone, duplication of account? Please Help

Playlists are gone, duplication of account? Please Help



A few days ago i found out that all my playlist had dissappeared and that i had suddenly been degraded from premium to free. After reading on the net i see that there must have been a duplication of my account. Though still i haven't found any solution. I've filled a form twice but of no use since nobody could help. I saw this one message explaining that you could by simply logging in with your originial username, fix it - though i don't think i ever made one since my premium account was always connected to my facebook. Please help me get back my original account - i'm going on vacation in a few days and would love to have my premium account and playlists by my side.


Thanks in advance

4 Replies

THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME! i'm so angry because i had so many playlists made! HELP!!!

My account has also changed so now it is my daughters facebook account

I guess i will have to leave without spotify 😞 . This is very frustrating, and if there won't be any solutions in the nearest future, i guess i will just have to find other alternatives than Spotify... 

This has happen to me to.... but whit my ex... its my account but my ex fb friends and her profile...


did u found a soloution to this problem?? i dont whant her in my account!!!!

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