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Playlists gone, Premium became Free account.

Playlists gone, Premium became Free account.

I had to log out and in on spotify yesterday morning, when I logged in again all my playlists where gone, and my account status was changed to free account, I have a premium subscription, and have never had this problem before, now I can't even reset my password, ther e is no email showing up.


I have used the contact form and sent an email directly, and responded to the automated answer, but still nothing, this is getting very frustrating.

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Seems like you may have created a second account. Do you log in using Facebook?
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I thought the same, although I have never had any problems, I have logged in using both Facebook and Spotify, and gotten into the same account.


Also, I have tried to reset my password for my spotify username, but I'm not getting any reset email.

Have you checked your subscription status in your account overview?

Yes, but that profile is just for the Facebook linked account, I can't reach my regular account, because I'm not getting the password reset email.

So you have two accounts?
What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

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The safest option is to contact support and they'll help you get this sorted out. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, make sure to reply to it directly to speed things along.

I have done that, 2 days ago, and answered the auto response, still nothing.

Sorry, I missed that. Could you post the case number and I'll chase it up. It's unlikely you'll hear anything before tomorrow, being the weekend and tail-end of Christmas but I'll do what I can.

Could you also chase my case up?

(Spotify Case # 01149386)


I have waited response since friday.


I've escalated that for you @Da3daluz 

@user-removed - It looks like your case has already been answered.


@Da3daluz - I've made sure your case is with the right team, you'll get an email soon. 


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I have the same problem can anyone help me plz 😞

@user-removed If your subscription and playlists are gone, you have logged in with the wrong credentials - either you used an email address (facebook login) or a uername (spotify login) instead of the other way around. Try logging out and back in and see if that helps.

I already did that many times ... 😞 I send them message but no respond

Did you get an automated email from them? If not, please reply to it. If you have done so already, post the 8-digit case number her and I'll chase it up.


If you didn't receive an automated reply, can you make sure your correct email address is shown here.

Here is the 8 digit case number ... 01531479 thnx a lot for your response

Escalating that now.

Hey @user-removed -- that case is with the right folks, don't worry. They'll be in touch as soon as they can. Keep an eye on your inbox!


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