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Playlists have been deleted


Playlists have been deleted

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This has happened on 2 computers so far. Spotify kept loggin me in and out, then i finally presssed "i am new to spofity" then it stopped logging me out.... BUT it erased all my playlists.


Can someone help or explain how to get them back? There seems to be a bug associated with logging in and out and deleting of playlists by the software automatically.


Thanks for your help in advance.



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Re: Playlists have been deleted


I'm in a similar boat. Somehow one of my playlist got deleted. Not to mention it was my best one. Is there any way to recover it?????

Re: Playlists have been deleted

It's likely that your playlists were not list but rather a duplicate account was created when pressing the 'I am new' button. See this thread for details:

Cutiekara, I couldn't find the missing playlist on your account - what was it called?
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