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Playlists won't shuffle correctly

Playlists won't shuffle correctly

Hi, I am fairly new to the boards but I've had Spotify for about 2 years. I had Spoitfy Free but recently upgraded to Premium about 2 months ago. I primarily use the Spotify iPhone app, but also use desktop. Here is my issue: 


I have alot of playlists. I'm a playlist guy. It's one of the most important functions for me. The other most important function is being able to shuffle these often-large playlists. The reason is because I usually have multiple songs by an artist on a playlist, and I add them together. But I don't want to listen to all of them in a row. Well recently, when I shuffle a playlist, it only shuffles certain "sections" of the playlists. Yesterday, I hit shuffle on a playlist with 650 songs on it, and I skipped through a few to discover that Spotify was only shuffling about the first 50 songs.


In other instances, shuffle will work fine until a song comes up that is by an artist that I have multiple songs of on the playlist. Then, Spotify will proceed to play all of the songs by that artist in order. It's almost as if shuffle stops working completely. 


Please help because this is probably the most important feature on Spotify for me, and if it isn't resolved I'll have to end my subscription. Thanks! 


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Hi there and welcome to the community,


Thank you for your feedback. The developers are always working on a way to improve shuffle. I'll pass your feedback to the staff.

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Shuffle in spotify has always been bad but right now it's worse than ever.


it's sad that spotify is seemingly uncapable of implementing the most fundamental music player functions in what is otherwise a rather superb service. 😕

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