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Playstation 2 free months, not free!

Playstation 2 free months, not free!

I got a card with my Playstation headphones: New to Spotify? Recieve 2 months premium Free!

I need to go to, I created an account for Playstation and Spotify and for 2 months free premium I need to pay 1.99. Thats not free!


How can this be fixed?

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Hi @ltkort213. Unfortunately I do not know the exact details of this promotion, but I do know that $1.99 is a very discounted price for premium. I would recommend taking a took over the fine print on the card and seeing if it mentions needing to put down $1.99 anywhere. If you don't see anything like that please let me know and I can do some further digging, but I don't believe there's a way to "fix this." Sorry that I don't have a better answer.

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