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Please I want a refund I don't want to continue after the trial period

Please I want a refund I don't want to continue after the trial period

Yesterday my trial period has expired and I was cherged £9.99 for premium services.


I send immeditely an email to support to ask for a refund because I don't want Premium.


The support says they can't refund me because I have logged in in spotify after my trial period expired. But this is crazy spotify is always logged in on my computer because it is automatically loggs in when I start my computer.


I haven't listened to any music after I received the email from paypal about the charge.



I just want my money back. Please help!

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Enquires about payment issues will have to be made through our contact form. You can find it, scroll up and click on "About Us" and the select "Contact Form".
Airhorn Enthusiast

I already contacted support, but they refuse to give me my money back!

While this is unfortunate,  it is your responsibility to cancel or downgrade the account before the ending period, not theirs to assume you meant to.  Gonna assume you did read the terms and conditions before creating the account and didn't just scroll to the bottom and hit "I accept".

Let's be real, who reads T&C?!


you could've noticed me by email before the trial expires like so many professional companies do (Linkedin, Microsoft Xbox, Google etc)


please I don't ask you for much, I just want my money back, I haven't used your service since I was charged!


Please give me my money back!!! 


There should be some consumer protection phone number! Please somebody advise me where can I complain for a refund? 


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