Please help me... email change


Please help me... email change

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So i changed the email on my old account and did a new account with the old email..... and when i log in with the old email i still in the old account........also how i can transfer my playlist from the old account to the new account? so i can add songs again


Thanks anyways.

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Looks like your app is really broken! i changed the email from the new account to a email i never used on spotify and it still logs me in on my old account???? also when i go on ACCOUNT its opening the website with my new account? 

Re: Please help me... email change

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Hi, and welcome to the Spotify community!


It sounds like your trying to create a new account with an email you already use, to do that, you must delete your old account and then create a new account. After doing so, you will not have access to your old playlists, unfortunately, there is no way to transfer playlists at this time. I would suggest keeping your old account if you want to keep your playlists, otherwise, follow this guide to deleting your account if you don't care to keep your old playlists:


  1. Go to the Spotify homepage on a web browser and sign-in if necessary
  2. Click Help from the menu
  3. Type "delete Spotify account" or "close account" in the search bar
  4. Select "Close account" from the drop-down menu
  5. Scroll down until you see the line: "If you’d still like to go ahead, you can close your account here." Click that link.
  6. A Contact page will open
  7. Expand the Account menu and select "I want to close my Spotify account permanently"
  8. Select "Close Account"

Alternatively, skip all the above steps and go straight to this link to delete Spotify account.


Best of Luck to you,


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