Please help me.

Please help me.

Please help! I am trying to send up another account on my premium account. I have made sure I used two different devices, the second accounts live in the same house as me, I have cancelled the request and resent it, I have made your my account has been verified. 


This is is so stupid and I have spent an hour looking at this site for answers I’ve tried everything that’s been recommend and it continues to tell me “you’re unable to join this family plan”. 






iphone X

Operating System

iOS 12 something 


My Question or Issue


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Hey there @Brittylynch,

thanks for posting !


Sorry to hear you're having an issue.

Let take a first step togheter where you read this whole help page, making sure you haven't subscribed or paid in a way with can effect the process.


Let me know how it goes and we'll move from there 😃

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