Please read: Missing playlists/Premium disappeared

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Please read: Missing playlists/Premium disappeared




When you log into the Spotify application, you find that all your account information seems to have disappeared - all playlists, starred list etc have gone. If you are a subscriber, you also find that your account has dropped down to Spotify Free.


This is also most likely to happen to those who created their Spotify account before September 22nd 2011. In other words, those who chose their own Spotify username when they created the account.


The likely explanation for this is that a new Spotify account has been created, using your Facebook login information.




  1. In the Spotify desktop application, log out (File > Log out..)
  2. In the login box, now log back in again, using your Spotify username and password. This will log you back into your original account.
  3. However, your Facebook account will still be connected to the new Spotify account. To break this connection, connect to Facebook from within the desktop application. You can do this in Preferences > Social Network
    (Preferences is found under the Edit menu on Windows, and under Spotify on Mac)
    You can disconnect from Facebook after that, if you wish.


If the above doesn't help, does not apply to you, or if you have created a subscription to Unlimited or Premium on the newly created account, please get in touch with us, using the Customer Support contact form . This will make it easier for us to resolve any problem for you than posting on the forum.


Any further questions, feel free to ask!

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Re: Where have all my playlists gone?

Community Legend

This is only relevant for users who actually have an original Spotify username (i.e. people who joined before September 22, 2011).


Rather a lot of people who joined after this date also appear to be having a similar kind of problem. In fact, I would say, there are more requests in the old forum from new users than from old users. I think you need to produce a step by step guide for them as well, or you risk being inundated with messages about this, just like in the old forum.

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Re: Where have all my playlists gone?


I've attempted to this, but my playlists did not return... Also my Premium account was taken away

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Re: Where have all my playlists gone?


I have since I first wrote this calmed down and therefor edited some of it.


Seems I now have two accounts in total, experiencing just what you're explaining above, only I didn't know this and it required me to add my credit card and I didn't know what was happening and was really worried about my playlists. So I added it and now notice I've paid twice for the same month on duplicate accounts, I can't even link them together as you suggest because it says one of them has a subscription.


I've had no issues previously to login and link my facebook account, it's been linked together for months until today a few hours ago when this nightmare happened.


Please resolve what you've caused with this bug. I want my money back, I never intended to have duplicate accounts and two subscriptions.


I'm very unsatisfied as of now, I sincerely hope you resolve this else I will look for music elsewhere in the future.

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Re: Where have all my playlists gone?


These steps did not work for me either... On my iphone it keeps telling me about a free 48 trial !!! I pay for the premium package.


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Re: Where have all my playlists gone?


I got it to work, but only after I reset the password associated with my Spotify username. I believe I joined after the September 2011 date, but somehow my non-Facebook Spotify username was still recognized and it sent me an email to reset the password. After that I was able to log in and follow the instructions above. A little tricky, but maybe it will work for others as well! 

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Re: Common Question: Where have all my playlists gone?

Music Fan

I have tried these steps, in various sequences depending on whether I am trying it on my laptop or my mobile (it is my mobile which has the problem).


The issue has been partially resolved in that I can now play music that I have found by searching.


However, on my android device, I cannot see any playlists.


Really not impressed with this. 


I contacted you via the contact us page on Monday (now Thursday evening) with no sign of a reply.


I am a paying customer and I expect much much better service than this for my money.

I wouldn't accept this level of service from other service providers.

I have paid, and I cannot do what you advertise.


I posted on here, as you have ignored my email.



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Re: Common Question: Where have all my playlists gone?


I'm having a similar issue, in that my account reset after I started a Premium Trial on Monday, 02/13, see for details.


I suspect the issue might be that I was using the email with an original spotify account, that later became my Facebook one, so I can't do the password reset others have done, since it detects my Facebook account and tells me to reset my password on Facebook.


Please advise on how we can get this cleared up

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Re: Common Question: Where have all my playlists gone?

Music Fan

Have done it all.

Done the Facebook thing.
Logged in, logged out, in, out, in, out, shook it all about.
Logged in as Spotify, and as Facebook.

Reset my Spotify password

Done a Spotify reset.
All to no avail.


Strangely, the password on my laptop ended up being different to the one on my mobile - both allowed me to login on the same username.


Now I have reset the password, I cannot login on the mobile.

No error message... just returned back to the login screen time after time.


Have uninstalled again.


Re-installed, and now it just crashes out when I try and load it.


Sounds like a monumental **bleep** up to me.

At least it is working ok on the laptop.
If that changes, then I will be furious, and shall stop paying.

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Re: Common Question: Where have all my playlists gone?

Casual Listener

Thank you for resolving my issue. Though it does mean the "solarce' account is now orphaned, since it was tied to the duplicate Facebook based login. May be something you want to clean up, but I don't really care :)