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Please stop asking me to reset the password every week

Please stop asking me to reset the password every week

I've got a Family/Premium account and the account out of the 6 that I use personally gets the password reset every week, which is a bit annoying.


I get an email saying the password needs to be reset "due to detected suspicious activity".

I connect to Spotify from my phone and my laptop, and I would guess the "suspicious" activity comes from the fact that I use my company's VPN (otherwise I couldn't work) and that changes IP/country every day, so maybe that's it.


Still, it's annoying, anyone has any ideas on how to make it stop?



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Hi there @Avith_Ortega,


Thanks for the post.


The password reset prompt comes when our system detects suspicious activity on your account. It can sometimes be triggered if you're logging in from multiple devices, like multiple new computers or phones. It can also happen if you're travelling abroad frequently, since the system would detect that you're logging in from different countries. 


In the worst case scenario, someone is trying to log in to your account multiple times with a wrong password. This can happen if your email address is leaked somewhere.


There is no way to manually stop this prompt though, as it runs on automated algorithms. 


One thing you can try is to change the email associate with your account to a new one, which you don't use for other services.


Hope this info helps.

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My Question or Issue

I keep having to reset my password for suspicious activity even though there is no one on my account.

Spotify should revise their algorithm to filter suspicious usage. I am forced to change my password every 10 days in the past 3-4 months, it is just annoying. 10 days ago and today I chatted with customer service, every time I was told that this will never happen again. Moreover, in the past 10 days I was using Spotify from the same device only, so I don't understand why this is happening. This is frustrating, I am thinking to terminate my account and open one at Tidal. 

Every single time i log in via web browser (on the same computer I'm currently playing music through the desktop app on even), within a short period of time I get a password reset email. It's really annoying and ridiculous.

I agree with everyone suggesting Spotify needs to update their suspicious activity detection algorithm.  Many of us use multiple devices and networks within the same region amd may even change listening habits in terms of time of day.  There are far better ways to enact security measures that don't interfere with paid users enjoyment of your service.  At this point, given there has been no solution, I plan to take my business elsewhere, though would be willing to return if someone on your development team is willing to address this issue.

Same here. Every two weeks or so for the past year. I've even used 99 character randomized strings for a password; it makes no difference. Still the same ol email and lock out every time. I don't even use a VPN or anything unusual, I always connect from the same IP address. I've just started using the weakest passwords I can get away with. I'm really starting to lose my patience and I've started looking into ways to migrate my playlists to another service and just close my account once and for all.

Another thing we could try is hit the cancel button for Spotify service, and then go over to YouTube and subscribing to their service.


I've had to reset my password twice now and I'm going to do that the third time that I have to reset my password.

My password is force reset (and I'm logged out) every 30 minutes. No message regarding suspicious behaviour though.


My guess is that Spotify is clamping down on non-pay users. Mostly in regards of ads. VPN, adblocker, browser and other stuff that makes you harder to identify for advertisers. I've seen similar behaviour in several other online services. They're all getting hostile since the easy money has dried up.

That's possible, but a lot many users in this thread, including myself, are paid users, and we still have the problem. IMO, if we are paying and not breaking the TOS, there is no reason to reset us regularly. I'm still getting reset/logout once every week, the same day/time, no matter my usage patterns. 

Even worse, if I try to follow up with customer service now, they reply with what basically amounts to "Thanks for the update, we will let you know if we ever fix this, bye".

Sounds like a major issue if it happens to a paid user. I'd assume they're way more lenient with what I described to a paid user.


Maybe they're cracking down hard on account sharing and you're accidentally being caught in the net.

Except nobody's account sharing and they're just being ignorant and dumb and will lose a big part of their premium subscribers.

I have been having this issue for a few years. This happens to me on my bedroom TV I use it to play binaural sleep sounds while I'm sleeping every night all night I get the "suspicious activity" password reset every week at 3 am waking me up at 3 am every week . I even left Spotify and went to a competing service. I returned and now I'm being booted every week at the same time . Strange thing is it's only one of 5 on the family plan . I never get it for any other accounts. I also contact a customer service technician by there own chat and they supposedly "make some changes on the back end and it should be fixed" but it doesn't. I have done so many changes including changing the email ....

same here .. about every week or two forces a reset probably because I use it on tv through roku, on my phone and PC.  There has to be a better way.  If not I'll be moving to apple music

again, reset again !! i'm not using a VPN! stop!

It happens if you use a VPN. The brilliant devs at Spotify can't fathom that someone would use a VPN for legitimate purposes. It's not automated as part of some brilliant "algorithm" as Alex attempted to posit. 

Basically, you're on your phone and use a VPN which has on IP address, and you switch to your desktop which uses the same VPN provider but a different IP address, but Spotify's brilliant "algorithm" can't possibly fathom such a simple use case and triggers a password reset. That this still happens in 2024 illustrates how basic the programming team is at Spotify. 



This is getting ridiculous. I have music playing my office. I have a studio project. I got flagged and a song taken down because of a VPN. Also I have to change my password almost every few days. It's absolutely ridiculous. I love playing music in my office for clients. My music included. But to be flagged. Have my music taken down, AND having to change my password is bonkers to me, just for using a VPN. 

I actually went a few months since returning to Spotify after trying other services before this same "password reset for suspicious activity" email nonsense resumed.  My usage behavior did not change in terms of devices and networks, yet their system detected "suspicious activity."  Still pending a response from support via email with an explanation.  If paid subscribers are abiding by terms of service, their passwords should not be arbitrarily reset.  Definitely leaving Spotify permanently this time if they do not intend to correct their wonky "suspicious activity" algorithm.  

I have a premium account. I also have to use a VPN. There is nothing "suspicious" about this, it is something millions of people do all the time. I do not need Spotify to "support" my VPN. It works fine, as it does with dozens of other cloud-based services. I only need Spotify to stop DELIBERATELY resetting my password OVER and OVER and OVER again. As people have suggested, if you must have something along these lines, at least give people a "was this you?" button to allow them to confirm there is no-one misusing their account. Fix this lazy and arrogant policy or users will look elsewhere.

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