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Polish Premium/Unlimited what for?

Polish Premium/Unlimited what for?

I was so happy when you enable Poland to use you app. Now i'm such dissapointed. It's all about library. I'm not talking only about some new wave stuff of Polish artists. You gave us Stones throw records, and now you took it back. That's how it looks:


Only reasonable way to use spotify in poland is still using proxy ;[

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Unfortunately, its down to the licensing and record labels. As time goes on things will only improve, Spotify in Poland is still pretty new! 

There is a help page about it here



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Yeah, yeah I agree that S in Poland in pretty new, but it WAS AVAILABLE when I join in and bought $ version. That's not ok when you talk about gross library and you something (one of best independent labels sick!) back .

To wina Stones Throw Records, nie Spotify. Wyslij im maila 🙂

To chyba nie ja jestem tu od latania po wydawcach aby udostępniali swój katalog za $$. W ogóle co to za zwyczaj przechodzenia na ojczysty język na ogólnym forum? Mój łamany angielski nie pozwala Ci na zrozumienie sensu, czy obawiasz się, że ja czegoś nie zrozumiem?

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