Possibly fake notification email about payment


Possibly fake notification email about payment


I received an email about my monthly payment not going through and that my premium was paused with no offline-mode and with ads. I got the email the same day as the payment was due. 
I checked bank statement, account info, receipts from spotify. 

My spoty-account says I'm still premium. I can still do offline-mode, and there's no ad-interupts. I can even see the receipt from the day the payment was due. I see the payment on my bankstatement as well, but dated the day after it was due, there was enough money on the account the whole time.


Is I understand it spotify try to charge a few times before canceling a customer the way the notification email said was already done.


So to the questions...

How fast does spotify notify customers about a failed transaction?

How many tries before first notification?

And does the notification contain Fare wells such as "Thank you for your time with us" and "It's sad that you are leaving us"?

Or was this a well planed and executed attempt at getting my debit card details that I just managed to see through?

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Re: Possibly fake notification email about payment

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Hi @Lynda_87 and welcome to the Community!


Spotify sends emails like that out sometimes. However, it's good to check directly on the site: https://www.spotify.com/account/subscription/

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Re: Possibly fake notification email about payment

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Hi Lynda,


It is likely to be a phishing email - your account is not showing any signs of having problems with the payments.  Could you please forward that email to spoof@spotify.com?  We will then be able to check if it is a scam or not.


If you entered any of your details onto the link provided by that email, I would strongly suggest that you change the password to your Spotify account.  If you entered payment details, please contact your bank and warn them that you may have been phished.