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Potentially hacked account, can't remember password

Potentially hacked account, can't remember password


I cannot remember the password on my account, so I cannot change my password. My account is still logged in through my computer, and I am able to log in through facebook on other media devices. However, I do not recognize the email listed on my account page (I am able to access the account page through the Spotify program as I am still logged in there). I want to reset my password, but I cannot send the reset email to my correct email because it is not the one listed on my account. Also, not recognizing the email leads me to believe that sending that email a password reset link is not a good idea...


Please let me know how I can resolve this issue!

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Hey @blakemc444!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


If your account's information was updated without your consent, we suggest heading to this article and follow all the steps to secure your account.


In case you can't follow the steps, you'll find the information on how to contact the right team at the very bottom.


All the best.

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