Premium AND family account, help!

Premium AND family account, help!


Hi guys,


I have had my own premium Spotify account for ages, and hubby wanted one too so I set up a family account and added him, but obviously somehow need to add myself (I used two different emails) as we're getting charged for my premium and our family accounts. I've invited myself but the invite doesn't seem to do anything, it just says the invite is pending when I follow the link. Can anyone shed any light?




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Don't worry, we have some more info on this here which should help out:


If you started the family subscription on your existing Premium account, you won't need to add yourself to the plan. Your account will just switch to the new subscription type.


If you start a Premium for Family plan as the owner, but you already have Premium, it's worth noting your payment date will likely be a few days earlier than it had been. This is because of the difference between the price of Premium for Family and the regular Premium subscription you were on.

If however you think you have two accounts (both yours) with one on Premium and the other family, let us know. We'll see what else we can suggest.

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