Premium Account Hacked


Premium Account Hacked

Casual Listener
I've just had an email saying I've changed my email address and I can now no longer login to Spotify via email or Facebook.

I've emailed as well as the email address on the notification email I got of

I assume the account has been hacked somehow. Can anyone please help?

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Re: Premium Account Hacked

Casual Listener

They take a while to respond. I sent my email soon 48h ago and all ive got so far is a case number..


It's taking way too long for such a thing, account hacking seems to be a "thing" right now so my guess is that they have a lot to do. Why not automate this somehow, like having a link in the verification email that gets sent to the old email. Or how about having a phone number you can use to reset the password. There's lots of ways this could be made better..