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Premium Account Hacked

Premium Account Hacked

So I just signed up for spotify and premium less then a week ago, only to wake up today with absolute **bleep** email saying my email has been changed. Tried sending emails and posting through the help section, which has yielded no results. I really need an admins help here.

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Hello, I am sorry to hear this. I recommend that you immediately reset all of the passwords assosiated with all of the devices you are using. As an extra security precaution, make sure to scan your devices for malware. I hope that this information helps you. Joseph. 

Its not any of my devices, and my email is 2 step verification, this is
100% from your guys end. Not mine.

I understand. You will need to contact Spotify Customer Support here - Contact Us


I do not work for Spotify, I am a user. I hope that I was able to help you, Joseph

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