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Premium Duo 2020 Wrapped Story is the exact same for both accounts not desirable

Premium Duo 2020 Wrapped Story is the exact same for both accounts not desirable


Premium Duo




(Samsung Moto G5 and Xiaomi redmi note 😎

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Android Oreo, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My Girlfriend and i bought the Premium DUO account to share a common playlist but our taste in music and behavior at listening is very different yet we still got the EXACT same 2020 Wrapped Story which makes us sad because we love watching at each other differences.

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Many Spotify users are voicing the same opinion. They thought the songs & stats were off compared to their actual listening habits. Spotify has numerous way we can create our own playlists which are the real listening habits of each one of us. In otherwords, I don't think its meant to be as correct as it is fun. You & your girlfriend should each create a new playlist to share with each other every week. Save your favorites to a new playlist called 2021 & you'll have a personal playlist "wrapped "story in the format of all your shared favorites.

I'm not doubting the results, I'm just saying that it's impossible that the artist that I got in first place in my 2020 wrapped it's in fact the artist that she listen to and i don't even knew that artist and the second one is the one i listen to and she doesn't and my intention with this post its to report that if wrapped is advertised as "Personal record of the year" not "Account record of the year" so my girlfriend and I didn't get a Personal record but a combination of both Linked Accounts like DuoMix Playlist and it's not advertised as DuoMix playlist.

Hi there @AbrahamArmas & @Jeni2378

thanks for reaching out !


I would recommend logging out and back in twice in a row as it helps resyncing your account with Spotify servers and also clears out the option of you not being logged into your own account.


Ina addition, I would like to point out the similarities may appear if you've played these playlists more than all of your other account content.


Furthermore, It's also worth mentioning that content listened to in Private Sessions doesn't count for charts and songs, but only adds to your minutes played.


Hope this sheds some light.

Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

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