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Premium Family Plan - Israel , how can i subscribe?


Premium Family Plan - Israel , how can i subscribe?

Dear spotify support, you entered today to israel, so i was looking to subscribe for the family plan and i couldnt find it anywhere, do you plan to add it? ( we really hate apple music, please save us!)

best regards,


69 Replies

Still no family 

Where is the technical challenge in just enabling what's already available in other countries?

We are in 2019, where is the family plan?!

Seriously Spotify that sucks.


for people waiting for family plan

Feb, 2019, still waiting...

According to the reply here, Spotify is "hard at work" on this. Let's keep encouraging them to work a little harder!

Now it's been a year we're waiting for a family plan in Israel.

Any news about this ?

Today I received a notification from the app on iPhone that Family subscribtion is available, entered the app and there was nothing new. The same goes when I'm going to What's going on with the family plan? Why is it so hard to implement it in Israel as well? What's the reason I need to pay for two accounts instead of buying a family pack? Why some one in the US or in other countries gets this option and I'm not? Not cool at all. The only reason to leave Spotify and subscribe to Apple Music, it's a shame.

That's good news

Means this might get rolled out and deployed in the coming hours

So just like to push this and remind Spotify we are waiting

I am using free waiting for family to finaly roll out here to get premuim

In a family of 5 in a house hold (and 2 left) so not going to pay single for each one

In this rate some outher service will roll around and pass Spotify

Deezer already offers a family plan in Israel

Fifteen months later and this still isn't available.

Apple Music now offers family plans in Israel.

Spotify is falling behind in the market in this Startup Nation full of highly technologically-savvy consumers.

I actually canceled my son's account, and about to switch all the family to
Too bad Spotify. I liked your service.

I'm waiting for close to a year now, is there a forecast date for Family plan to roll out in Israel as well?

Also a free member while waiting for the family plan to become available. Both Spotify and the costumers lose right now, so I for one would love to see any progress on this issue.



That's it. Just canceled my official Spotify Premium account and got a Deezer family account for 29.90 NIS a month, up to 6 profiles.

Easy to convert using external services (I used and almost no difference.

Sorry, Spotify, you had your chance.


Thanks for the how-to I may follow suit

Still no updates on this Spotify?

+1 on 

great service! 

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