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Premium Family Plan

Premium Family Plan

Hi! I've just made a mess out of my account. I chose Family membership but I didn't notice I was logged in with facebook wich had an old email account that  I couldn't access, an email was sent but as explained, never got to read it. Even though I changed my email from facebook and it changed on my account that email never got to my real email, I understand this might have happened 'cause I did it after upgrading my subscription, but as I had no info I decided to cancel it and start again. Now it says I'll have the plan anyway until march 6 (1 month) and he it'll be cancelled and I'll be charged the respective amount. As I have 1 month, at least by now, and I'm paying, I added my relatives. So questions:


1) My dad and brother accepted invitations but STILL have a Free account. We're paying a family plan but only my account works with premium. 

2) Will I be able to start again with my family plan after this month? 



3 Replies

Welcome to the Spotify Community @RodrigoAtilio!


There's no need to worry, we can help you out sorting out your Premium for Family Subscription and your accounts. Can you send us your usernames/account email addresses through one of our support channels?


You can contact us via Twitter here, through Facebook here, or if you prefer sending us an email, you can get in touch here.


We'll be waiting your message, have a good day 🙂

Hi, its just began working yesterday, I still would like t know if ill be
able to take de Family plan again after the current one expires.


Hey @RodrigoAtilio!


We'd love to help you out providing you accurate and useful information. Please contact us through one of our support channels provided in our previous message, so we can take a closer look to your account.


We'll be waiting for your reply.

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