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Premium Family Question

Premium Family Question

When I signed up for the premium family plan, I thought it was asking me who I would like to invite so I filled out my daughter's name who lives with me but now the account is in my daughters name for Premium, how can I change it back to my name?

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welcome to the Spotify Community! I'm happy to assist you!

In case you mean your username: currently you can not change it.

But you can log connect to Facebook, then your name from Facebook is shown, instead of the username.

Thanks, I mean the first/last name.  When I signed up Spotify must've asked me what my first name and last name was.  I thought it was asking me who I wanted to invite.  So I put my daughter's first and last name.  Now everytime I send out an invite to a family member it asks if they want to join my daughters name's premium account but it should say my  first name.

This is not possible, because of the way Sporidy is handling with accounts. You can connect with Facebook, then your Facebook Name will be shown. Or try asking Spotify stuff here: maybe they can help.

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