Premium Subscription Showing Free

Premium Subscription Showing Free

I see that they say the problem is fixed. My account on my Mac and Iphone 6 is still showing FREE. I deleted and reinstalled spotify and this did not work. I pay for the family plan.



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Exactly the same situation here. I keep hearing ads and it's infuriating to the point of considering dropping Spotify altogether, even though I've been a subscriber for over two years.

Same here. Have had no issues with the Premium until today and it won't even let me subsribe even though I already did. Has anyone actually heard back from customer support?

No...nothing yet......I hope they will address this soon. I am also very frustrated with the commercials and not able to listen to any song I want on my Iphone. I pay for the family premium account. I am also thinking of cancelling everything and not using Spotify anymore. I will give it ONE more day.



Same issue here... Not fixed yet 😞

I just fixed mine!!!! Unsubscribed and subscribed again. Now everything is correct.




Did you lose your music?

No. i still have all my playslists.




I'm having the exact same problem and it's driving me nuts. Can you list step by step what you did to fix this?


Thanks so much.

Go to account and unsubscribe. The subscribe again.  That is all I did and it is now showing premium on my Mac and my iphone.




Unfortunately it's only giving me this option, to 'subscribe', and when I click subscribe, it just refreshes the page and leaves me here. Not able to subscribe. Here's a pic. Ughhhh.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.42.00 AM.png

I don't even have the option to unsuscibe. It's not letting me do anything

Mine is exactly the same as your screenshot.

According to


Spotify is aware of a service issue and they are working on a fix


Premium dropped to free? Post Here

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How did you unsubscribe, Tori?


So everyone seems to be having this Spotify takes my money but I don’t get **bleep** for it right?? I am canceling too. It makes no sense that this problem can’t be fixed. All this delete the app and login again and **bleep** isn’t working. 

Go to your Apple ID where it said iTunes & App Store. Click your is name and put your password. Go to subscriptions and click Spotify and cancel at the bottom. 

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