Premium Upgrade not being recognized on devices


Premium Upgrade not being recognized on devices

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Macbook and iPod Touch 5

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iOS 10


My Question or Issue Hi there: I just upgraded to Premium on my laptop.  I have some questions which I can't seem to find answers to:

1.  Why did it take my playlists from my iTunes?  I didn't want that done.  Why did it do that, and are they intrinsically linked from now on???  I don't want that either.  How do I manage this?

2.  My Premium account is not being recognized on my iPod.  How do I correct this?

3.  I am on a 3 month trial.  If I make playlists, and I decide I don't want Premium, will I lose my playlists?

4.  I'm trying to understand how all this works.  Is my Premium account different from my free account?  Or did it automatically truly upgrade and transition using the same system?  So if and when I downgrade, what happens?

Thanks - I hope someone can help me.



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Re: Premium Upgrade not being recognized on devices


Hi @Lourdes2016! I hope you're having a nice day!

I'll try to answer your questions with the same structure you asked them with :).

1. I am not familiar with this problem. I would suggest trying to delete them manually by right-clicking on the playlist name and then clicking delete.
2. You could try to solve this problem by signing out of Spotify and then signing back in. If that doesn't work you could delete the Spotify app from your iPod, turn it off, restart it, and install the app again. Also make sure you're using the same account everywhere!
3. No, you can keep your playlists, even after your trial ends and you don't decide to start a premium subscription.
4. Having a premium account has a couple of benefits, which you can view here:

Have a great day!


Re: Premium Upgrade not being recognized on devices

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THANK YOU!!!!  I will try these .....