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Premium account did disappear since February 2024

Premium account did disappear since February 2024





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I travelled beginning of February from Hamburg in Germany to France and realized that my premium account does not exist anymore. I still paid for it in January but suddenly the automatic payment does not work anymore and now I am using spotify free. I never got any email or something. I just do not have premium anymore. Very annoying I cannot contact Spotify support to help me, so I give it a try here.

Moreover it is not possible to change my address of the account. I don't why and how but spotify determines me to live in France.

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Hier sinds januari 2024 ineens problemen. 2 jaar lang elke maand incasseren ze van mijn rekenen en in januari lukt het ze niet. Probleem ligt bij mijn bank zet Spotify. Bank heeft alles na gelopen en ee is heen probleem. Dus opnieuw aangemeld bij Spotify en met ideal betaald. Dan geef je gelijk toestemming voor incasseren. Nu maand later zelden probleem. Account ligt er we een uit. Medewerker zegt dat incasso gegevens zijn veranderd en dat dat misschien verwarring bij bank geeft. Oke dus vraag wat gegevens nu zijn en per wanneer die verandering was. Dat wist ze niet. Oke maar waarom lukt incasseren na vorige maand dan we een niet. Per ideal betaald en gelijk geeft je nieuwe machtiging af. Weer wist ze dat niet. Ze zegge  sorry voor ongemak en je krijgt link om via ideal te betalen. Dus nu we een afwachten wat een in maart gebeurd. Slechte zaak dat niemand een antwoord heeft of dat niemand antwoorden gaat zoeken

Hey folks, 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


@Benutzername1, if you've moved to France permanently and you'd like to re-subscribe to Premium, you'd need to use a payment method that was issued in that country. Additionally, you can only use the free service for up to 14 days in a different country, so if you'd like to stay for a longer time there, you'd need to change your country settings to France by following these steps. However, if you'll go back to Germany soon, we suggest that you wait until you get back to re-subscribe to Premium. 


@Cindy-75, hope you don't mind a reply in English as it's the official language of the Community. Just to confirm, are you still having issues with your subscription? If so, could you send us as much info as you can? We'll be happy to help. 

 We'll be waiting for your replies. 

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It is happening to me too. I didn't change anything, I have enough money on my credit card, I didn't even open spotify the last two or three weeks, but still, Premium canceled itself. What is this bug?? Also when I try to resubscribe to premium, it is 1 € more expensive per month. I'm pretty annoyed, not that I wouldn't pay the extra euro, but the way this is enforced on me and zero communication.

Hey @asacius,


Thanks for reaching out.


It sounds like your subscription was ended because you didn't accept the price increase that Spotify recently introduced. You should've received a notification about it on the email address connected to the account, so we'd suggest checking your Spam/Junk folder for any emails from Spotify.



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