Premium account email "not associated with an active Spotify account?"

Premium account email "not associated with an active Spotify account?"




Have never run into this problem before and not sure how to proceed--when I tried to log into my other account (which has Premium) this morning, it gave the error "Login failed--Unable to login, either username or password is incorrect." There is no Facebook account associated with this email address. I tried logging in with my email, same error. I tried logging in--both with email and username--on the desktop app and on the web app, same error. I tried using the password reset form, it stated there was no active account associated with the email address. I tried creating a new account with the same email, but it stated the email address was already registered. When I look up the username on this email address, I can still view my account. I tried contacting support, they stated the Accounts team would need to handle the issue, but I have not yet heard from them. I sent a question in through this account in the "contact" tab and was prompted to ask the question here.


Is anyone else having this problem right now/has run into this problem in the past? Is there anything I can do to fix this?



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