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Premium account - saved albums wont play offline

Premium account - saved albums wont play offline


Hi there


I've been a premium account holder for over a year and have always been able to play the music I've downloaded (with the 'available offline' box checked) via my ipad when offline.


However the last couple of months I've been having trouble with playing the music when offline. The album cover appears, but without songs, and a message says I've not saved any songs for that album - although when I access wifi the songs are there and the relevant download arrow is green.


I recently reinstalled the app and went through the process of re-saving albums to play offline.  It worked for a couple of days, but now the same issue is happening again, none of the saved music is playing when I'm away from wifi.


I appear to have enough memory (2.8GB) so I'm wondering if anyone else has had a simiilar problem and can shed some light on this??

Many thanks!







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Hi @Georgiegirl01!


We've taken a look and would like to suggest some steps. First, go to your subscription's devices' page here:, click on 'Remove all devices', then perform a clean reinstall following the steps here:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify/.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

Hello! My husband and I have been having the same issue. I tried the suggestion posted, but no dice. I am on a moto x and can access the albums just fine and they show up as saved if I am connected to wifi. The albums I have downloaded for offline listening will be there when I am offline and when I go back a few minutes later it will show the album cover and say it is not saved and the tracks are missing. I'm not over the limit as far as I can tell. So, what's up?

Hi Juan


Apologies for the delay, I've been away from comms.  I tried the links and the first one takes me to a Spotify page that says; shh!  This page is sleeping.  And the other link comes up wtih a Spotify page error 404


I recently downloaded 3 albums recently and saved them to play offline.  However this morning I had the same problem when trying to play them via the ipad, away from wifi.  They wouldn't play and the same message appeared as before, that there were no songs saved under the albums which is untrue.


Please advise, because unless I can play thte music I want offline there's no point in the Premium Account.


Many thanks.


I have the same issue, songs will have the green arrow next to them, indicating they are downloaded, but will not play. This is very frustrating because I cannot download any other songs, nor pick the songs I want specifically. Spotify, get off your lazy asses and fix issues like these instead of making playlists nobody listens to, or features that no one uses, I love the app, but have put up long enough with all these problems especially the amount I pay, and other people pay for your service, it's not good business to ignore all the people who have these issues and still charge ridiculous amounts for such a broken service!

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