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Premium doesn't work!!


Premium doesn't work!!


I just upgraded to Spotify Premium today.

The problem is that it doesn't work. On my mobile-phone it just still says "The track is only available for Premium users."


And YES, I have already tried the "clean reinstallation" several times but it just still doesn't seem to work.



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Hey all!


I can confirm Spotify is doing it's best with those.


All accounts are with subscriptions so it's about time when you receive a update to your client.


Sometimes it can be happen in no time and sometimes in some hours. If still problems after 12 hours, you should contact to Support via Contact form for troubleshooting things.


Also to get a your lovely sub faster keep logging out and log in back every hours, so update will come this way much faster. =))


If you received a mail about your subscription and you also see Unlimited/Premium status here as purchased, you are fine and all you need is wait when your client receives an update from Internet.


Hope you can enjoy Spotify very very soon!!

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Ahh. OK that makes sense. Might be good if you warn people that this will happen when they offer to give Spotify money! Hopefully things will be up and running soon as you say.

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This doesn't make sense at all. I have purchased got a receipt. My account is still on free and I can't listen to tracks on my android app. What is going on? Do not fob me off with some wait 12 hour crap. Did you wait 12 hours to take my money?..... No, so I shouldn't have to wait 12 hours for you to fix your service.

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46 Replies

I have the exact same problem. I've tried logging out and in, and reinstalling Spotify on my iphone and desktop, but its not recognizing that I purchased the Free Trial / Subscription.


I think there are quite a few people experiencing this today..

Same happends too me. try to logg in with my Onkyo and my Premium. Get the answer: Login Error. Please check account infromation.

Same problem for me bloody shocking... I will be expecting compensation for days without service

i did also upgrade today. got a receipt on my mail, but no premium-.- it's gone 4 hours now.

Obviously some issue with their system they aren't admitting

Pretty shoddy service so far I have to admit

I also boght Spotify premum toda but still it says I´m using spotify free... But when I view my account it says I´m having premium but still there is advertising... And I havent yet gotten a receipt either:( But the money is gone from my bankaccount :S

Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Am Pc und auf meinem IPhone sagt Spotify mir das ich noch Free benutze. Wenn ich dann aber auf der Internetseite auf mein Profil klicke steht dort das ich Premium besitze. Ich warte nun noch bis morgen ab, evtl braucht es ja etwas länger......

same here -.-

I'm having the same problem.

I got the exact same problem. i upgraded it a couples of hours ago and i cant lissen to my music from my cellphone and on my computer the ads keep popping up. Ive never had this problem before and its really bugging my, i cant enjoy my playslist with this f@#!$ng ads keep popping up. Please fix this asap! (I rather use youtube if this keep up).

ps. People who have had this problem should be given extra days of premium or something.


ps2. and yes ive tried logging in and out. Several times! If i knew this was going to happen i would never ever set up a new subcrription. FIX IT! I did not pay 10 bucks for this, i hate the ads. they **bleep** up my playlist and how im i supposed to enjoy my music on the cellphone. This has been going on for hours.

Unfortunately I'm having the same problem 😞 £9.99 is expensive for just a month let alone if it's not going to work!



Same thing happening here.

You should compensation everyone who have been effected by this, even if it is for just a couple of hours. If you are providing a service make sure it works. You can not let this be going on for hours and days!!

agreed.... so are you guys just gonna wait it out or are you guys cancelling it?

I am having the same problem here...

I'm not cancelling, its supposed to be a free trial for me (although I am being charged for it - that is a separate issue and i've emailed the issue for a refund). I was hoping it would be a nice easy transition and apparently its not. I'm leaning very much towards NOT continuing after the trial. If its not sorted out in the next few days i'll be giving up on the trial completely and leaving Spotify for good.

Same problem here !

Could it may be just a server problem within the company or something?

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