Premium doesn't work


Premium doesn't work

Hi everyone!!!
i subscribed for premium service 6 months ago, this month i paid regularly but my account has became free.
I don't know what to do, i tried many times to contact Spotify, and know I'm little bit angry because it's the secondo time in 6 months that i paid and i don't have the premium service.
Anyone knows how can I do ?
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Re: Premium doesn't work

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Elena_marco!


Thanks for reaching out in the Community.


We'd love to help out, don't worry. Just to check, do you see Free or Premium here:

If you're seeing Premium, can you double-check you're logging in with this username and your password? It's possible you have two accounts :)

- If you're logging in with the Log In With Facebook button, can you try username/password instead?
- If you're logging in with your email address and password, can you try username/password instead?


If this doesn't do the trick, let us know. We'd love to carry on helping.