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Premium family and change of country

Premium family and change of country

Hi. I used to register my spotify with UK credit card. And recently i have moved back to Indonesia and found out i can do premium family subscription locally. Hence i tried to move the account to an indonesian one with local indonesian credit card. I changed my country, as mentioned in ur site, by registering the new local payment method, i.e. Local credit card. And everything went fine, but i noticed my country still listed as GB even though i changed it to Indonesia. 

And worst, i tried to give the family subscription to my brother who has local indonesian based fb acct etc, and it says that we are not in the same country. Please help me straighten out the issue. If i can change the code from GB to ID, i reckon it would solve the problems. 

But please enlighten me with your advises,


thanks for the help in advance,




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@czars88 ordinarily I'd suggest some troubleshooting steps to sort this out - but it sounds like you've changed the settings needed


i'd suggest reaching out to the support team (if it tells you to ask for help in the community, respond to that saying you have!)


you can also tweet to @SpotifyCares who might be able to help you out!


hope you get a speedy resolution ^_^

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