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Premium (family) subscriptions - Missery

Premium (family) subscriptions - Missery

Yesterday I downloaded Spotify on my iPhone. Started with one week free Premium trial. My son also wanted to try so he downloaded the app too. Logged in with my credentials (I guess). So we found ourselves in the situation that it was either his device which could listen or mine. Since this is not what we wanted, I subscribed to Premium Familiy today on Spotify website on same email adres. Paid through Paypal. Send invites to my wife and kids. They picked up the email link. When they log in through my account we get the same missery as yesterday so it seems that they need to set up their own account? Why? How does this work? How can you make something so straightforward so complicated. It is ever worse than iTunes (which is absolutely on of the moste horrible, overcomplicated, user-unfriendly pieces of software created by mankind)

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Hey @jawillemse!


Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


With Premium for Family, each member have their own individual account. That way you can all enjoy your own music and playlists.


Don't worry, you can follow the steps here to invite your family members to join the plan with their own account:


Let us know if you have any other doubts.



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