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Premium is not working on phone


Premium is not working on phone

Since a couple of day's my spotify isn't working on my phone anymore. It's telling me to buy premium which I already have. Help me please!

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If you're looking to stop using Facebook then you can continuing using 'pinqueriet' instead. 


We can help sort out your playlists, subscription etc. I've included the info in that email--should be in your inbox already. 



Thanks. Worked for me too.

I keep trying to play a song and it keeps telling me i need premium even though i just paid for it!


I'm experiencing this same issue.  I paid for Premium and when I log into my account in a browser it says that I have premium, however, when I log in using my Android phone or my Desktop Spotify in OSX then it tells me that I still need to upgrade.  


Any help would be appreciated.





I have the same problem that many people in this thread also has, although mine isn't solveable by login in and out. I just bought Premium a few minutes ag, but it keeps telling me I need to buy Premium to use it on my phone. I've had it before without issues, but this time it doesn't work. Please help. Thank you in advance.

Addesson - If you log in with the username 'addesson' and your Spotify password, you should access your Premium.

Jstraszewski & Tptompkins - It looks like your Premium is active our end, are you logging in with your Facebook details?

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

I cannot access spotify premium on my iphone or on my laptop even though I just upgraded today. is there something i did wrong? 

Just paid for Spotify Premium but my phoneapp keeps telling med I need Premium to use Spotify on my mobile! I have logged out and in again but it´s still not working. Help Please!


If you're experiencing this issue your first troubleshooting step should be a clean reinstallation.


Once that's done head over to the contact form if you're still having trouble. From there our payments team can lend a hand.

I did a clean instillation and it did work.  Thank you for keeping me updated about this problem.

It doesn't work on my phone either, I've tried to log in and out using both my Spotify details and Facebook account. I can't seem to solve the problem...

Just paid for premium trial for 30 days... Yet I've tried all the solutions you are suggesting. Still says I'm not a premium user when I've logged in with Facebook, logged in with spotify details, also reinstalled the app twice. Any help?

my premium is not working on my phone it continues to make me log on to my facebook account and when i try and listen to albums on my phone is says i do not have premium access when i have recieved a confirmation in my email. i see the responses to log in with my spotify id but i figure out what my username and password are for spotify HELP!!

I am having the same issue... just upgraded to premium and I cannot play music on my iPhone.. I also received my payment receipt in email. I created my device password and reinstalled the app on my phone but it has been to no avail... some help would be greatly appreciated.

I have no idea how but it works now 😛 wish the best for you mate 🙂

mine just started working as well thanks to whom ever fixed it 

Hey there!


Glad to hear this works for you. I keep sure everyone receive this update to client.


So wait your Premium, it's coming! 🙂

Hi everyone - It looks like our servers were just being a bit slow in upgrading accounts to Premium. Everything should be working as normal now. 


Please do a quick sign out/ sign in if you haven't already. If you're then still having problems please let us know.


It would be great if you could also include a screenshot of your desktop client. Just be sure to include the 'Spotify' bar along the top (which should of course say 'Spotify Premium').


i just bought premium and it is not working on my phone or on my cell it still says im not a premium user.
please help :c

Same here and I paid for premium 3 hrs ago now. I also tried all of the suggestions as well but guess their premium activation systems have slowed down again. 

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