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Premium is not working on phone


Premium is not working on phone

Since a couple of day's my spotify isn't working on my phone anymore. It's telling me to buy premium which I already have. Help me please!

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I also just bought spotify premium and it is not working on my phone or desktop. 


Same here, but account status says I have registered for Premium.

Same here been about an hour. Off to a fun start

Based on the number of people complaining today I think that nobody is able to upgrade at the moment.


Hey there!


There is some fault with servers, so updating to paid account is slow. Apologize for that.


However all of you should receive Premium or Unlimited update soon.


You can also try clearing your cache in Spotify or Log out and then Log in back trick in Spotify from File.


I keep my fingers crossed!

Premium is not working for me on mobile.  -Chris


Try to reinstall your mobile app for now, it might help you just now.


There is a problem with Spotify server, so those updates to Premium and Unlimited are very slow.


Apologize for any indignation.

Would Spotify have any ETA on when things will be fixed up?

I informed Spotify about this. Hope all works soon. Cheers.

Hey everyone! A few users experienced a delay in their upgrade earlier. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience.


The good news is things should all be back to normal. If you're still not receiving Premium after a quick sign out/ sign let me know.

Spotify premium is not working on my phone either. Not sure if it takes time to activate or of it should be immediate. Do I try logging in as "philhamzik"? This is not my official spotify username.

Hello...i just got the 30 day premium trial but everytime I try to listen to music on my android says I have to purchase login is

Hi there,


I just signed up for Spotify Premium, but every time I try to use anything but the radio it is telling me to sign up for premium service.  I tried logging out and back in and I have looked here.  It seems the answer to my problem is logging out of facebook and back in with spotify.  The only problem is I don't know that I have a spotify log in.  Can some one help?  Thanks

I have a spotify premium subscription but it is not working on my tells le I need to upgrade? Am I not logging in correctly like these other peeps above?

After following the link provided to me in an email I tried to set up my Spotify account.  Unfortunatly it is telling me that my email is already registered, but I don't remember ever providing this information. (it's not to say that I didn't, it's just that I don't remember) However, I still don't have any sort of user name or password and am unable to sign in for my premium access for my mobile device.  I'm at a loss for how to proceed forward.  Sorry to be a pest and thanks for your help.



Turns out I'm just not patient enough.  I'm all set.  Thank you.  Turns out, no matter the fact you have graduated from a nice college, if you dont follow the directions you won't find a solution.  Thanks so much.  My account is active.  


Philhamzik, mjzoum & pistorim - Try logging in with your Facebook details - This should get you into your Premium accounts.
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I have been using Spotify premium till recently my payment was not available I have tried to pay to get my account back up and running on my phone but it's refusing my card details and not letting me sign in when it asks me to confirm my payment so confused really want to carry on using my profile.

I have been trying to upgrade my spotify but it keeps saying payment deliced there is money in my account been trying to work this out all day please help at the end of my tether.

MersaidesJade88 - Have you had a check at the conditions your card needs to meet here?


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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