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Premium is not working on phone


Premium is not working on phone

Since a couple of day's my spotify isn't working on my phone anymore. It's telling me to buy premium which I already have. Help me please!

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I'm having the same issue as well. i bought premium earlier today and had it working on my phone for a few minutes. now it is telling me i cant play a song but i can creat a radio station for it(as if i dont have premium) but i have subscribed for premium. i used facebook to log in and thats what is telling me the premium account is on. really would love this app if it worked. it also says my account is premium but spotify is still having pop up ads and telling me to upgrade even though i am. please help!

I re-subscribed to spotify premium today, it's working fine on my laptop but I'm unable to use it on my phone. I've tried logging out and then back in as well as reinstalling the app but it hasn't worked. Any suggestions??

Hi there - Some users yesterday experienced a delay in their upgrade. We're truly sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


If you're still not receiving Premium today after a quick sign out/ sign let me know.

All of the sudden my premium stopped working on my android phone. It worked fine yesterday, but today it does not make any sound at all. I can access the music and everything, but it won't play... I've tried to uninstall the app, and installed it again, but it didn't work. Please help me! 🙂 Thanks. 

Hi LBorder - Well your Premium subscription is good on our end. We'll need a bit more info work this out. 


First of all, is the progress bar moving? Is the song not playing at all or is there simply no sound? 


Please also let us know your phone model/ Spotify app installed. 

The progress bar is not moving, all the songs are downloaded and available offline. I can press play, and it plays - but there is simply no sound. I tried to play some example music from my phone, and that worked, so there is nothing wrong with the speaker. 
I have got a Samsung Galaxy S2 and i have got the version of Spotify (app). 

Thanks for quick response! 

Sorry, I think I might misunderstood what you meant with "progress bar". The green bar that shows downloading is not moving, all the songs are already downloaded. If you mean the "song bar" which shows how far the song has played, then it moves. Everything is like the song is playing, but there is simply no sound. I've tried to log out and back in, but that won't work eighter. 

I updated my cc info but premium won't connect?

It just keeps telling me if I want premium login to Facebook after I do it takes me back to the same screen what do I do it deleted my playlist too and I paid a lot of money for the data to download all that I think you should pay me some money or give me some free months if you want me to continue to use spotify premium and tell people about it. I love the app when it works

Peytonsdad22 - Looks like you've updated your payment details here, but the subscription hasn't been started yet. Just head here to do so...

If you're having trouble, can you try going through a different internet browser?

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I tried confirming it and it keeps returning to the same would you like to get spotify premium screen.

Peytonsdad22 - Just tried moving some bits about in your account. Can you try again for us? I'm sorry about the inconvenience of this.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

Question answered? Just click 'Accept as solution' to help other users out. Easy.

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On my computer, my premium works fine. Whereas on my phone it doesn't play any music. Has anyone got a solution?

Hi sammybee - Welcome to the Community!


So your Premium subscription has gone through successfully. It just seems you don't have any devices synced to 'sammybee' yet. Which kind of mobile are you using? 


I recommend a quick app clean reinstallation. Then follow the steps here to sync your playlists:

Just upgraded from unlimited to premium and my phone won't recognize my premium acct.

@thinman61 wrote:
Just upgraded from unlimited to premium and my phone won't recognize my premium acct.

Hey 🙂


There is currently an ongoing issue regarding account upgrades as discussed on this topic.

The spotify team are aware of this issue so hopefully there will be a fix soon!


Until then, try logging out and in a few times.


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Hey, i just upgraded to premium and i can't access anything on my phone. I've read everything on here, done everything i should have, and still no luck.

Hey there!


Right people is looking into server problems and all should be up and running soon. Update process is slow just now, but all should go very fast soon.


Before that you might need to log out and log in back 1-3 times before you Get Premium.


You have a Premium sub at Spotify end and it should be updated to your client soon!

Hey there!

I'll try and keep this thread linked here for any updates on this.

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hello, i have just bought the premium subscription today (Fri, Nov 2)

while i still had a 48 hr trial and it says that i cannot stream music

but rather listen to the radio.


i dont know why it will not let me but it would be greatly appreciated 

if some one could help me out here.



- Mr_Mac


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