Premium is not working

Premium is not working






(iPhone 8, Imac



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I ordered Spotify premium, with one month free.

However, Premium doesn't work. My account also say that I'm a free member. 

But there's a invoice in my account of €0,- 

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Hi there @Marijke8974,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


There's a common mistake made among users to create more than one account and to upgrade the wrong one.


Therefore, please as a first step, please make sure to use this help page to locate all the accounts listed with your details.


In addition, this help page could determine issues with your Premium account.


Hope this helps.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

Thanks for your answer!


I already did that steps and it doesn't work.

I also received an invoice with my username. When I log in on spotify with this username my account say that I'm only a free user.


So I still understand.



Hi @Marijke8974,

I appreciate you reaching out to the community !


At first, i would recommend reaching out to your payment provider and to check the status of your current payment.


In the meanwhile, make sure to check out this support page for further info.


Waiting on your update.

Keep me posted 🙂


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