Premium isn't working anymore?

Premium isn't working anymore?

Hey there , 

I've got a very big problem (first of all, sorry for my english, I'm from germany ^^')


So I do have spotifiy premium for almost 9 month and every month my paypal does it's thing and pays for it on, I think, the second of the month.

I've got it on my Androidphone and my WIndows laptop and it always worked. A few weeks ago my laptop was repaired because of some issues and I had to install spotify again but - I was surprised - it said I don't have premium anymore. This has to be a mistake because I still had premium on my phone and my paypal still did pay for it but also my account here says I don't have premium anymore. Absolutely strange. 

So a few minutes ago I accidentally logged out from my account on my mobile phone, logged back in and now it says to I don't have premium.

I KNOW I have because I paid for it definitely safe like all the other month.


What can I do?

Hope someone can help!  

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Hey there!
If you log onto your Spotify account online and go to your subscription page, you need to cancel your Premium. Once you've done this, go to the homepage of your account online and 'log out everywhere'.

Once you've done this, log out and then go on the main Spotify page and subscribe as a premium customer as you would do if you are new to the site. Here you have the opportunity to enter all your PayPal details again.

Note: Spotify acknowledges the money that has previously left your account so it won't actually take any money from your account till you've been given the days you are owed.

Let me know how that goes.
Carl 🙂

Thanks for the reply! 

I already tried to cancel my premium but I can't because there's only the option to start a new subscription but I know I never cancelled my premium. My PayPal also says the monthly authorization of payment is still active and it also paid for it 17 days ago... I don't know but I find it really strange. 

After I logged back in on Spoitify all the music I saved on playlists, albums, etc. aren't available anymore, it's all gone. 


However, is there the option to deactivate the monthly authorization only by PayPal and then starting a new subscription? Because as I already said it isn't possible for me to cancel my premium by Spotify itself...

Hmm that's really strange... do you not get a screen like this..? (See attachment).

If not could you send a screenshot of your subscription page. Can you blur out any personal card details while doing so.


Hello @user-removed

@Did you ever manage to solve this problem?


Hey @user-removed,


It's also likely that you have more than one Spotify account.


Please follow this guide to finding any other accounts you might have subscribed to Premium and let me know if this helps.


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