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Premium student account


Premium student account

I have a college student account and I am able to access it w an older iphone. I have a different device and when I log in, I don't have premium. What do I do?
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Re: Premium student account

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Hey there @Shakez73, welcome to the community!


No worries, let's see what's going on here 🙂 Firstly, let's make sure you're logging in the correct account.


Try the following:

    1. Check your subscription page. Your status should be Premium. 
    2. If you're on Premium, try signing out and back into the app. 
    3. If it says Free, check the receipt Spotify send to your email inbox. Make sure you're signing in with the username on that receipt. If the username on your receipt is a 10 digit number, please sign in with your Facebook login details.


If that doesn't help, please take this survey that can point you out in the right direction.




Let me know if this helps!





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