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Premium subscription update

Premium subscription update

Hi, today i got a notification when i was trying to listen to music, but it told me to update my premium subscription and when i got home and tried to uodate it, it wouldnt let me saying that there is no spotify in my country, which is not trye since i had spotify premium for over a year. I tried updating the payment and it wouldnt let me, i tried changing countries and try with a new credit card and it wouldnt let me either. Im currently in Uruguay for a vacation, came here 3 weeks ago, and i have Argentinas spotify and all my payment infromatiom is from argentina. I tried with an uruguay credit card and changing my country to uruguay but it wouldnt let me either. Please help update my payment information  because i wanna use it asap and today at the beach i couldnt listen to any music and it only gave me the option to downgrade and that all my downloaded music would have to be redownloaded if i did so. 

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