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Premium to family upgrade

Premium to family upgrade

Hi all,


Unfortunately, I'm unable to upgrade my premium account to a family account.

On the support page I read that it is possible, and the additional costs will be written off on the next payment.


If I go to the family page, I'm only able to choose a new abbo (at least it doesn't looks like an upgrade).

At my account page I'm unable to change my abbo and it displays a message that any changes to the account are unavailable this time (in a pink box). 


Is there someone who knows how I can properly upgrade my premium account to a family account without additional payments?

I want to invite 4 family members.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @niekjuh , welcome to the community!


Where are you from?

In some countries, Spotify isn't available yet.


Anyway, try with this link.

It is available in the Netherlands.


The problem is within my account page.

Hey @niekjuh 


Many thanks for your post. I hope I can provide you the answers needed 😉


This is best sorted with our accounts teams. They can be reached over at If you reply back to the automated response and let me know the 8 digit case #, I can make sure the good guys get involved.


Hope that directs you.

Hi @Jason,


I allready replied to that, the case #: Spotify Case # 02133586.

Posted my question in Dutch, don't know if that is a problem?



Hi @niekjuh

Thanks for that!

It'll be no trouble at all, I'll get one of the Dutch team to take a look at things now for you.

Shout if you need me for anything else. 🙂

Interested to hear the outcome of this as you're not the only one I've seen on the community who is having this issue.

What payment method are you currently using?

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Ideal, still no answer to my earlier posted question yet....


@Jason, I hope they will help me soon!

Now I don't get an error, but if i go to my account page I can't change it to premium. If i click subscription and then at the bottom:


Manage your subscription

View your options


When I click this, I get the following message: We're sorry you're thinking of leaving us. Could you tell us why? We might be able to help.


Still no reaction on Spotify Case # 02133586.

I am having the same issue and raised a ticket at the supportdesk. It feels like they do not understand the issue. I want to 'upgrade' from a premium subscription to a family with one extra member (my son). The answer I received did not help me at all.

Same problem here, they don't understand my question.

It looks like just upgrading from premium to family is not possible.


They told me to look at the community or at the support page, which I (ofcourse) already did.

I'm having the same problem. Just sent an invitation to a familiy member, she accepted it but her account is still working as a free one. When contacting the support via the contact form I just got a automatic reply that didn't help at all 😞

Anyone figured out how to fix this or how to make the support agent actually read what we write in the contact form 😕

Hi there!


you must reply to this automatic response.

I finally got it working. These are the steps;


- my premium was downgraded to a free subscription. Done by a member of support.

- I created a free Spotify account for my family-member, all though I am not sure this is necessary. One thing for sure; your family-member should not have a premium

- follow the form and procedure on (for the netherlands:

- pay and let the new family account be accepted by your famili-member.

- now I and my family-member have a premium, and I am paying € 14,99 (where one premium is €9,99)


hope this helps.

Will the payment of 14.99 at the same date of the old payment? I mean, you don't have to pay any more money to switch off the premium abbo and switch to family?

With regard to my previous message... Today I learned that my family-member has no premium-like subscription, but a free one. I raised a ticket af the support desk. Lets wait.

Your old subscription will be stopped. You will have to contact the support to make sure that you are not paying double when you go for the family.

Have you tried this link?
click on 'start spotifuggle family' and take it from there.

(You've probably sorted this by now but hey ho)

Im also a Premium member.. I dont get the family offer.. Do I have to pay an addional 99,- to give my family a free 3 months trial?


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