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Problème de localisation Spotify Premium

Problème de localisation Spotify Premium

Bonjour à tous, 


Je viens récemment de m'abonner à un compte Spotify Premium pour pouvoir en profiter avec ma compagne. Nous sommes actuellement confiné en Belgique depuis les mesures de confinement prises par la France. Nous avons décidé de rester là pour ne pas prendre de risques. 


Mon adresse de facturation est donc française mais ma compagne, qui vient de créer un compte Spotify pour pouvoir se joindre à cet abonnement, n'arrive pas à changer de pays et est donc obligé de sélectionner la Belgique. De ce fait, elle ne peut rejoindre l'abonnement que je viens de prendre. Quand elle rentre l'adresse de facturation, un message indique qu'elle ne peut accepter l'invitation à l'abonnement puisqu'elle ne résiderait pas dans le même pays que moi. 


Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait déjà eu à faire à ce type de problème et aurait une solution ? 


Merci d'avance ! 


Bonne journée et bon courage à tous !








5 Replies

Hi there @SimonLionnet,

thanks for reaching out !


As i can only guess you're trying to invite your partner to join a Premium Family account.


Unfortunately, in order to be able to join this kind of plan all members should resign under the same country and exact address.


The only work around is to have a sibling or a friend create an account in the country that fits the profile and send you the credentials.


You can also find what's needed for a Premium Family to work properly here.

Hope this helps. 


I am currently living under the same roof as the rest of the family but I cannot join the spotify family premieum because according to my location, I am in a differnt country! I have tried with my computer and my phone but nothing works. I did live in Spain for a couple months so maybe it hasn'st realised I have moved back?

Hi @Demelzales

thanks for reaching out !


In order to check your current country settings i suggest visiting this support page.


Furthermore, if it shows the correct country, please have your siblings check their's as well.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Same issue with the localisation, I have a french account and I'm leaving with my brazilian girlfriend in Madrid Spain, and we are not able to change our localisation for match and connect on a duo Premium.
I try from the payement but I can only get only the island around spain, Baleare, Canaria Island etc...
And my girl friend is not able to change her country.
How can we figure out, because right now I'm paying a duo account just for me?

Thanks for your help

Hey @manala34,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Are you and your girlfriend currently in the country the Duo subscription was started in, the country of the payment method used to start it?

Does your girlfriend have an existing subscription on her account?

Keep us posted.



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