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Problem with Premium Subscription using PayPal

Problem with Premium Subscription using PayPal



I need help with my subscription. I'm having some problems getting Spotify Premium using PayPal. Whenever I confirm my payment on the PayPal page, I am just being redirected to Spotify's Get Premium page.



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Please try clearing your browser cookies and cache and try a different browser.
Tell me if it worked, please 😉 Have a great day!

I have the same problem. Even with other browsers, different devices an cleared cache and cookies.

Sorry for the inconvenience 😞 Please contact Spotify support using their Twitter or contact form.
If they will reply with a no-reply email, reply to it, even though it is a no-reply.
Have a great day!

I'm talking to spotify support for five days now, they don't even understand my problem. They are always talking senseless things like retrying on another pc or use a credit card. But nothing helps.

Unfortunately, there isn't any other option than just continue to try their help.

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