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Problem with downloads - refund required

Problem with downloads - refund required

Hi, today I attempted to purchase this album from Spotify using download tokens. I downloaded the tokens, but was told that Spotify was unable to "get" the tracks, and to try again later. I instead checked iTunes store and managed to purchase the EP there. A few minutes later, I got two emails come through saying I had purchased these download tokens on Spotify - four of them, yes, but I received two emails, and my Spotify is saying I have 8 tokens, so I have been charged twice. Would it be possible to get a refund for the second lot of tokens, as well as the first four which I was unable to use for the download I wanted.



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Hey Tom,

One of our payments team should be able assist here. To get in touch, click on "About Us" above and then select "contact form".
Airhorn Enthusiast

Ok, will do, thanks 🙂

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