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Problem with username and facebook.

Problem with username and facebook.

Well, to give a heads up about my problem:


I created my spotify account a few years ago using my facebook account. Everything was normal all this time, until I decided to delete my facebook account. After doing that, my profile name on spotify(which was the same as on facebook) just disappeared and now it's showing my spotify login/nickname only. I already tried to connect another facebook account with the same name(that I created only for this purpose) and nothing happens. I tried doing this for thousands of times with no success. When I try to connect any facebook account, I do all the process of logging in, but when the windows closes, it goes back to the previous windows with the "Connect to Facebook" still showing. 

I know that my spotify account may still be linked to my 'deleted' facebook account, and this is the whole problem here. 

Now my spotify profile has no picture and only showing my nickname. I did consider deleting the account and creating another one but I can't afford that, not after all these years using the service.


I assume it's very simple for the spotify team to fix that, and I'd like to know if there's something that can be done, because it's very annoying, and I already tried everything I saw on the internet.


Thanks for the time, and I hope I can get an useful answer.

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Try to get in touch with Spotify Support folks.. They are the best people to ask regarding these situation.

Thank you for the answer, I'm gonna do that.

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