Problems activating a new phonenumber in my Premium for Family

Problems activating a new phonenumber in my Premium for Family



I have a Premium for Family account., and 2 of my family-members are alredy active on this account. But I´m not able to activate the third one. On my Spotify account site it´s written ”Link sent”, after I wrote the email for the new member. But when I opened the link from Spotify sent to the email and tried to verify the invitation on the new phone , this message comes up: ”Sorry! You´re already a member of this (or another) Family plan. Please click below to switch to the account that yopu want to join to the Family plan.”


I´m sure that this phone isn´t a member of another family plan. The phone seems to be registered on my Familye account one way er another, but i´m not able to activate it.

I tired to activate the same phonenumber in september last year, but I gave up. Is there any way to start all over again?

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I've had activation issues with my plan as well! One thing that I heard works is if you cancel the plan, start another one, and add everyone at the very beginning when it asks you to invite people. You shouldn't be double charged for doing this but if you are, just contact support. The primary account should still have membership until the experiation date. But if you're worried, wait until a day before it renews. For good measure, use a browser and log into the account of the member that it says already is part of a plan. It should tell you a) who's plan they're a part of and maybe give you an option to withdraw.

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