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Problems with Recovered Playlists

Problems with Recovered Playlists

Plan: Family Plan

Country: US

Device: iPhone 6s Plus

Operating System: iOS 13

My Question or Issue: 
Hello Spotify, I’ve recently recovered some playlists which I deleted a while ago and they have been restored but they don’t appear on the home screen sections “My Playlists” or “Recently Played.” Sometimes it displays my restored playlists on the Recently Played section of the home menu but within a second they load strangely and disappear. (This occurs on all of my devices) My restored playlists also have trouble loading whenever I open the app. Is this a bug? 

If anyone knows anything about this subject please feel free to let me know, it would be a big help, thanks!

6 Replies

Hi there. Thank you for reaching out to the Spotify Community. Did you make sure that you are currently on the latest update for the Spotify App for phone and Desktop App for Mac? If you are it could be that your playlists were not recovered in time for them to be restored. Basically, you have 90 days until your playlists are no longer available. So it could be that you waited more than 90 days then you tried to recover them, but it won't show.

Have a wonderful day!

Hello, thanks for reaching out.


I have in fact kept my Spotify app up to date on each of my devices. I also restored my playlists within a week of deleting them. Not sure why this is occurring. 

Hi there,

Try this: uninstall and reinstall both of Spotify apps on your computer and iPhone. Sometimes it can be a bug and all it needs is to uninstall and reinstall. Hope this helps!

Hello, so I took your advice and reinstalled Spotify on each device but this problem still continues.

I’ve tried many methods to get my playlists to act normally again but no luck. I’m hoping this issue is fixed by Spotify soon.

Thanks for your insights!

Hi there. For this continual issue, you will need to contact Customer Service at *Snipped - Star Edit* and they should answer and fix your problems. Have a wonderful day!

Hi there. If Customer Service isn't helping you, you can try this: Clean Reinstall. What it does it, it cleans Spotify Web App clean of any virus, bug, etc. Here is the link for it

It might be more effective than just uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify App, and give it a try. Hope this helps.

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