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Problems with login in through Facebook

Problems with login in through Facebook

Suddenly I can't log in to my Spotify account and I keep getting this message:
"Facebook login for your Spotify client is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a newer version of Spotify. Download the latest version of Spotify at"
I've downloaded the latest version 4 times!!!!  Still I get the same **bleep** message again and again. And what a surprise, it seems there is no way of getting any kind of support or help from Spotify! Just this **bleep** robot web page that takes you to the same useless answers! So now I have an premium account I can't use at home! Such a joke!!! 

How do I contact Spotify???

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 12.14.13 PM.png
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Hey @elvarrvksound, welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your account!


To contact support, please fill out the online contact form. If, for whatever reason you would prefer not to, or you cannot use the form, support can also be reached on twitter by reaching out to @SpotifyCares, or on Facebook by sending a message to the Spotify Cares Facebook page.
Please be aware that responses may take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the volume of tickets they are currently handling.


Hope I was able to help 🙂

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