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Problems with my account (urgent)

Problems with my account (urgent)

I sent the following message to the Spotify support-account. As it is urgent, I post it here too, if anybody can help me, please reply:


Good afternoon, I have a problem that I can't resolve. Two months ago, I subscribed to Spotify Premium, and 10€ were charged to my credit card. Before the end of that month, I tried to cancel my subscription but I couldn't make it, another 10€ were charged. Now I'm trying to cancel it again and I have a few problems. First of all, I can't have access to my account from the web site, it says that my password is not correct, I can't have access from Facebook neither.
It's strange because from home (from my two computers) I can have access to Spotify (I can listen to music), but I don't have the facilities of a Premium account. However, I can't have access to it (with the same account and password) from any other computer, and I don't know why. I would like to know if I have cancelled my Premium account or not. If not, I would like to recieve help from you to do it. As I can't have access to the web site with my account, I can't make the operation.

Thank you, Lydia

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Hello Lydia.

I've just tried to locate your account, but I could not seem to find a Premium account at all. Could you tell me the case number of the email you sent in at all?
Airhorn Enthusiast

I have Spotify Premium, but the entire account just crashed and wouldn't let me log in.  When I finally could log in again, by entire account had been deleted along with all playlists.  It's telling me I am a new user and my subscription status is Spotify Free, but I've been paying for months...

Hi David, the case number is  # 274348

Me and a friend went to the bank to see what we could do and they coulnd't help us, I don't know If I'm still Premium and if I'm paying for nothing, because I can't log in.

Linabberg -- Thanks for posting your case number, an email is on it's way to you now. 


Katedubois-  It seems you've created a duplicate account via your Facebook profile, but you've also subscribed to Premium on that new account.


Not to worry, I've just sent you an email confirming a few details so we can sort this out. 

Problem solved. Thank you so much!!! You did an amazing job, you have exceeded my expectations.



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